CNI Infrastructure Storage Assessment

Wondering about moving to the cloud but not sure what elements to consider?

On-premise systems by definition have capacity limits, in compute or storage. Once at capacity, no additional systems, workloads etc can be provisioned. Business agility is reduced.

We can help you make the best choices for your business. Complete our storage assessment to help you determine your options.

From this assessment you will get a clearer understanding of:

  1. Which – if any – public cloud(s) you should consider
  2. The workloads, storage elements etc you should move to the cloud
  3. The best transition plan and how to get there
  4. How to ensure appropriate governance and security
  5. How to get the best value from the cloud

When you complete and submit the form, one of our consultants will assess your situation and provide a customised report on your infrastructure storage options.

This is a good first step to begin to develop your cloud strategy and provide the clarity you need to solidify the next steps.